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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles




Rationality in Context. On Inequality and the Epistemic Problems of Maximizing Expected Utility. Synthese (co-authored with J. Marx and D. Klein). [pdf]


When Do Groups Get It Right? – On the Epistemic Performance of Voting and Deliberation. Historical Social Research 43(1): 89-109. [pdf]



Mitigating the Problem of Manipulation in the ‘Adjusted Winner’ Procedure.

In: Linhart E., Debus M., Kittel B. (eds): Jahrbuch für Handlungs- und Entscheidungstheorie. [pdf]

Contributions to edited volumes




Rational Choice and Asymmetric Learning in Iterated Social Interactions –  Some Lessons from Agent Based Modeling. In: Marker, Schmitt, Sirsch (eds): Demokratie und Entscheidung. Beiträge zur Analytischen Politischen Theory. Springer, pp. 277-296 (co-authored with J. Marx and D. Klein). [pdf]

Work in Progress

Symmetric Bargaining among Utility-maximisers leads to Inequality. An Argument against non- interventionism. (joint work with J. Marx and D. Klein).

Political Epistemology: Democracy and the Problem of Strategic Manipulation

Under Review



Fear Appeals in Political Communication – A Theoretical Analysis.


Political Epistemology: Why we should (not) worry about Democracy's Epistemic Crisis


Trust in Heterogeneous Populations




Democratic Decision Making – A Theoretical Analysis. (Dissertation Thesis), Bamberg: Bamberg University Press.


Simulating Bargaining Processes with Agent-based Modelling. Marburg: Tectum-Verlag.

Newspaper Articles




Ich Maximiere. Ökonomisches Denken heißt mehr als nur Geld sparenIn: DIE ZEIT, 38 /2009 [pdf]