About me


I am an interdisciplinary researcher wor-king at the intersection of philosophy, political science and economics. My main interests are in collective decision making, agent-based modeling, political philosophy and rational choice theory. I received my PhD from Bamberg University in late 2017 and started working as a postdoctoral re-searcher at the Munich Center for Mathe-matical Philosophy thereafter.




                   Dissertation Award – 

                   University of Bamberg


My dissertation "Democratic Decision – A Theoretical Analysis" has won the best dissertation award of Otto-Fried-rich-University of Bamberg. Special thanks to my supervisor Johannes Marx for the nomination!  


Date: 19 November, 2018

Place: Bamberg, Aula der Universität

Job-Talk on 'Trust in Heterogenous Societies'


I will be giving a job talk for the Junior Professorship in 'Philosophy of Econo-mics' at Bayreuth University. I will spe-ak about trust in heterogenous popu-lations and how rational individual be-haviour can lead to irrational outgroup discrimination.


Date: 26 October, 2018

Place: University of Bayreuth

Talk on Rationality

and Inequality


I will be speaking at the German Associ-ation for Political Science Conference on the emergence of inequality,  rationality and how this impacts justification of given inequalities.


Date: September 25th, 2018

Place: Frankfurt University



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